About Me

I am a software developer based in Toronto.

This blog catalogs my projects and the lessons I’ve learned while making them.

How can you contact me?


What am I working on now?

Computational photography – specifically high-dynamic-range imaging.

Lip Colour Finder – Produces lipstick recommendations based on the estimated colour of the lips in an uploaded facial image.

What I am familiar with?


  • Python, SQL, D, C++


  • Django, Canon EDSDK

What have I done to continue my learning?

Machine Learning by Stanford University on Coursera

Course Grade: 100% (Oct 2017)

Where did I start my learning?

Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada (Jun 2012)

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada (Jun 2010)

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